Minecraft camel – how to find and tame the desert mob.

Minecraft camel: How do you tame a Minecraft camel? When there are already rideable Minecraft monsters like the horse and the llama, you would believe that camels have very little to offer from a gameplay perspective. You would be mistaken; this animal with a hump-backed posture has more to offer than you may believe.

The game’s deserts and badlands, which were previously among the least developed Minecraft biomes, now have more personality thanks to this adorable Minecraft mob of Minecraft. It is only fitting that the new mob, which we will discuss further below, has some fantastic features ideal for exploring this limited terrain.

A charming standing animation is also available for the Minecraft camel, which serves as a representative for Minecraft players all around the globe. This animation was created to replicate the camel’s movement in the actual world.

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Where to find a Minecraft camel

It is only in desert biomes that camels may be spotted in the vicinity of towns in Minecraft.

Only one camel may spawn in each settlement, and it can wander off. Therefore, looking for a saddle in Minecraft before venturing into the first desert you come across is essential. Or, at the very least, have a lead on hand.

Because you need two parents to breed your camel caravan (we don’t have enough time to go through the birds and the bees), you need to locate at least two desert settlements before you can even contemplate doing so.

How to breed Minecraft camels

To breed two adult camels in Minecraft, you must first feel both of them a chunk of cactus. This will cause them to enter the love phase.

As with other newborn mobs, feeding a baby camel a cactus encourages it to mature more quickly than it would otherwise.

Considering that this provides a beneficial function for the previously restricted block, it may be worthwhile to start a Minecraft farm to cultivate as many cacti as possible.

How to tame and ride a Minecraft camel

Although a camel in Minecraft cannot be tamed in the traditional sense, it is possible to control its movement by placing a saddle on it. Another method for attracting a camel to follow you is to use a leash or carry a cactus block in your hand.

You may discover that riding a camel without a saddle is possible, but you will not be able to control the direction in which it wanders. As you mount the camel and travel out into the vast desert, you should use the saddle you hold in your primary hand to secure the camel.

Because the camel is not domesticated and has the potential to wander off, it is a good idea to bring a lead with you as well. This will allow you to secure your camel to a nearby post if you need to go out on foot.

Minecraft camel behaviour


The camel can sprint across enormous gaps, one of its characteristics. As you may have seen, horses do poorly when confronted with rivers or ravines. This is why the adorable mob is ideal for traversing vast distances. This will cause the dash bar to fill up when you click the leap button while riding your camel.

If you do not let go at the appropriate time (in the gold area), the camel will dash a lesser distance, but if you do let go at the proper moment, it will dash an even greater distance.

Dual saddle

Not only does the Minecraft camel have the potential to fill up gaps, but it also has another intriguing new application: facilitating movement between players.

Before today, there was no method for two players to travel together on land except by riding different horses. Boats, on the other hand, can transport two players at the same time over vast oceans.

You and a companion can now saddle one of these enormous monsters, go on adventures together, and even engage in combat.

Protection from hostile mobs

You may think the camel is much larger than the majority of Minecraft; this is not a coincidence. This is another highly deliberate characteristic distinguishing the camel’s head and shoulders from other rideable individuals.

When you are mounted on your camel companion, zombies and other hostile creatures that are not at a reasonable distance from you cannot harm you. Even though you are still susceptible to being shot by a skeleton or blown up by a creeper, it is beneficial.

All mobs that cannot attack you atop a camel:

  • Endermites
  • Hoglins
  • Piglins
  • Silverfish
  • Vindicators
  • Zombies

This article includes everything you need to know about Minecraft camels. Other additions included in the Tales and Trails update include Minecraft Sniffers, the eggs of which may be discovered on sandblocks that seem to be suspicious.

If you are looking for bright pink wood, you may also locate the new cherry blossom biome in Minecraft.

If you want to locate some camels and find some great, long expanses of land for your new companion to run on, you may begin investigating some of the finest Minecraft seeds for deserts and badlands.

These seeds are available, and you can start exploring them right now. In conclusion, you should learn about Minecraft hosting so that you and your friends may experience the advantages of the camel’s multiplayer mode.

Are camels a mob in Minecraft?

Up to two players can mount and ride a camel at the same time. Camels are a passive mob that may be found in desert communities. The height of a camel is such that its riders cannot be reached from the ground by a small number of dangerous mobs that attack in melee, and these mobs do not assault the camel.

How do you find camels in Minecraft?

The desert villages are where camels are born. Most of the time, you can find them meandering about the middle of the town, either sitting or standing and walking around. Although we have only observed one camel spawn in each Desert Village, you may need to locate a second Village to get two camels.

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