Minecraft armadillo mob vote guide

What is the Minecraft armadillo? Can you tell me about the Minecraft armadillo? On October 4, 2023, Mojang presented us with the Minecraft armadillo, one of the three designs that would be put up for public voting at Minecraft Live 2023.

Following the disclosure of our first favoured creature, the crab, we go to the land to learn more about this adorable armoured creature.

Let’s face it: Minecraft mobs are one of the finest things about the sandbox game – there’s nothing nicer to return home to at the end of a hard day’s mining than a farm full of sheep, cows, and pigs, and a menagerie of cats, dogs, and bunnies outside your front door.

There are now over 70 different mobs in Minecraft, but there is no such thing as having too many. This year’s Minecraft Live leaves the next addition up to you, with the Minecraft armadillo introducing a new mechanic to a mob you already like playing with.

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Minecraft armadillo details


This surprise pick isturally and physically comparable to the Minecraft Sniffer, the victor of the Minecraft Live crowd poll in the previous year.

The Minecraft armadillo is a brown rectangle with a cute little face that looks like it is sleeping blissfully coiled up. Its shell-like skin protects it and comes to life when you go too near to it.


These Minecraft mobs are all in the early stages of creation. Thus, we do not know a great deal about them just yet. We understand that the Armadillo is spawned in warm biomes like the Savanna, so Mojang must provide a starting point.

Because the Savanna does not now own any of its distinctive mobs, this is immensely encouraging news. The phrase “places” in the video below may give the impression that we will also find it in other locations.

New mechanics

The Minecraft wolf, which, as we all know, is essentially a dog after it has been tamed, is the most impressive aspect of the armadillo. However, it is unfortunate that this component is not about the armadillo at all. If the Minecraft armadillo is added to the game, it will drop a scute upon its death, just as turtles do.

This cute may be made into armour for your pet dog, protecting it from being hurt by hostile monsters. Because our actual dog is the one that watches over our Minecraft home at night, it would be wonderful if we could provide it with some security.

How to vote for the armadillo

The mob vote for Minecraft Live begins earlier than it ever has before this year, starting forty-eight hours before the broadcast of Minecraft Live takes place.

Please look at our comprehensive guide on voting in the Minecraft Live mob vote if you want to vote for the armadillo. This guide will provide you with the specific days and hours and a list of all the locations where you may cast your vote.

You are now fully aware of all that the Minecraft armadillo has to offer; thus, you must be mindful of how to watch Minecraft Live to see the outcome as it is declared. If you are curious about the mobs that have won in the past, look at the lovely Minecraft allay and the gorgeous Minecraft Glow Squid.

The friendly Minecraft penguin and the Minecraft crab are the other mobs competing for your vote this year. Thank heavens, no nasty creatures like the Minecraft Phantom are up for a vote this year.

Did the armadillo won the mob vote?

During this year’s Minecraft mob poll, the Armadillo emerged victorious, pledging to safeguard players’ pets and incorporating wolf armour into the base game. Some gamers chose not to participate in the poll, which contributed to the controversy surrounding the Armadillo’s win; yet, the charming design of the Armadillo won over many hearts.

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