Best Games Like Minecraft 2023

What are the best games like Minecraft? Minecraft, a straightforward video game released in 2010, turned out to be a game that changed the face of the video game industry. The game inspired a whole new generation of players and producers.

It’s a blocky sandbox environment, allowing us to construct whatever we want and share it with friends. Before Microsoft began its acquisition of the developer Mojang Studios in 2014, the cultural phenomenon had already sold millions of downloads.

Over the years, many clones of Minecraft have attempted to replicate the success of one of the most popular personal computer games of all time. However, very few of these clones have been able to give the unique experience that Minecraft delivers.

However, there are occasions when you may desire a portion of the Minecraft experience, which would be supplemented with additional elements that give the Minecraft-like its character. This list of the top games similar to Minecraft is presented in light of this.

Every single one of the games that are included in this list is comparable to Minecraft in some way, whether it be via the use of crafting games, building games, adventure games, or even a whole separate aspect of what makes Minecraft our favorite blocky game.

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Games Like Minecraft List 2023

In the year 2023, the following are the greatest games that are similar to Minecraft:

  1. Seed
  2. Trove
  3. Roblox
  4. Satisfactory
  5. Terraria
  6. No Man’s Sky
  7. Minecraft Legends
  8. Deep Rock Galactic
  9. Stardew Valley
  10. Fortnite
  11. Starbound

1. Seed

Seed is a fusion of multiple distinct genres, and its numerous features provide the life game with a degree of flexibility comparable to what we anticipate from titles such as Minecraft, which is considered among the greatest.

Following the destruction of our home planet, humanity has established a new home for itself on Avesta, a world located in the far reaches of space and somewhat distant.

You must ensure the survival and prosperity of your colonists by exploring the vast expanse of Avesta, gathering resources, and putting those resources to use in the construction of homes, farms, and other facilities that are beneficial to your community.

Like how playing Minecraft with friends makes the game more enjoyable, Seed is a multiplayer online game that enables players to work together. Your joint efforts to establish a foothold on Avesta have the potential to develop a gigantic city; nevertheless, you must be cautious that another player does not appear to destroy the paradise you are working to create.

Seed is still in the pre-alpha development phase; however, if you want to taste your next favorite game like Minecraft, you may participate in the early access period for Seed.


Trove is the game most often regarded as the most similar to Minecraft. It has all of the cubby characters and building mechanisms that you have been used to. Still, it also incorporates some of the structure seen in other free massively multiplayer online games to alter and direct your playing experience.

In addition to having a wide variety of classes to choose from, such as a Dino Tamer or a Neon Ninja, players can also select from three distinct crafting specializations. The fact that each of these variants has its peculiarities, advantages, and disadvantages contributes to the improved efficiency of team development.

Additionally, there are a variety of levels for you to create through, and each one varies in terms of the challenge and reward it offers. Nevertheless, there is no need to be concerned since the spirit of craftsmanship and innovation at the core of this game and its versions remain the same.


If you have spent any time playing games such as Minecraft, the pitch Roblox uses will sound instantly recognizable to you. The build-em-up game-creation platform developed by David Baszucki includes all of the map customization features you have been used to.

However, other choices are available to you so that you may mold the games people play on your map. This means that you can create anything from a racing game to a simulation game or anything else. Because of this, it is considered one of the most significant construction games you can play.

On the other hand, you will instantly acknowledge that the look is slightly different. Roblox is more like Lego brought to life, unlike Minecraft, which emphasizes block-based gameplay. Players can purchase, trade, and build virtual things, creating a sense of economics inside the Roblox platform. It is also possible to buy clothing; however, to sell it, you must have a membership in the Builders Club.

4. Satisfactory

Suddenly, you find yourself on a distant planet with no guidance other than the directive to “make it prosperous.” From the first-person perspective, Satisfaction is a construction game in which you develop a factory that spans the whole world to manufacture various goods for your employers. To achieve success, you will have to contend not only with the planet’s population but also with the shortcomings of your planning.

The process of exploring the wilderness and battling against its present residents is reminiscent of our favorite block builder, Minecraft, even though the excavation aspect of Satisfactory is not quite as impressive as Minecraft’s. When you add in some first-person industrial construction, you end up with a game that is really edgy, futuristic, and often frustrating over its whole. In addition, it has undergone a significant upgrade, which means there is no better moment to begin exploring the world of alien industrial development.

5. Terraria

Without including Terraria, a list such as this one would be impossible to create, wouldn’t it? For as long as the sun has been shining, it has been a well-known game often called “2D Minecraft.” The truth of the issue is, however, that it has a great deal more going for it than that at all.

Ultimately, the premise is the same, but you are responsible for creating your goals. You may construct a fantastic home or base of operations, explore the distant reaches of the country, or plunge deep into the underground in search of riches. When you continue to explore Terraria and learn more about it, you will soon realize that there is much more to play with.

Unlocking non-player characters (NPCs) that will remain and function in your base, such as a nurse or a wizard, may be accomplished by achieving specific objectives. If you want to fight the bosses in Terraria, go deeper into the Underworld, and ultimately unlock expert mode, which includes more bosses, monsters, biomes, and equipment, you must acquire each.

Each of these items offers a unique set of advantages. Even though Terraria’s creative freedom is not as wide as it is in Minecraft, it provides a far greater variety of combat options, and you will need to devote a significant amount of time to it if you want to finish everything.

Which game is the most similar to Minecraft?

Terraria is the game. Terraria is the same as its blocky siblings in many respects, even though it is a two-dimensional side-scrolling game. Terraria is considered to be one of the classics when it comes to Minecraft analogies. You can dig down to hell or construct a base in the heavens in each world you spawn into. Each world has an infinite number of options.

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