Minecraft intro Game-Based Learning: Let’s Build Individually

Minecraft intro Game-Based Learning: Game-based learning and teaching are supported by Minecraft Education, which provides an immersive environment that encourages creative problem-solving, collaboration, and teamwork. Perform a demonstration of a lesson on constructing houses, evaluate the study, and implement it in the classroom using a lesson planner.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Please describe Minecraft Education and be ready to teach your first subject.
  • Using the Teach and Release paradigm, describe how you would teach a lesson using the Build a House challenge.
  • Prepare a lesson by disassembling the lesson plan and adjusting it as if you were going to conduct the study yourself.
  • In developing educational experiences for students, it is essential to identify the advantages of game-based learning.
  • Explain how learning may be evaluated when playing the Minecraft game.


This is the first of three lessons that will get you started with Minecraft Education. The first module is called Minecraft 101. Using a game-based interface that encourages creativity, cooperation, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only restriction is the learner’s imagination, Minecraft 101 investigates how Minecraft Education might be used to enhance teaching and learning.

Within the context of these modules, we play out a lesson and practice constructing a project on our own. Screenshots will be used for evaluation. As we go through the subsequent Minecraft modules, we will acquire the skills necessary to construct together and in small groups, start incorporating more sophisticated blocks into our creations, and get familiar with various methods for evaluating students” learning of each module; we will make a connection between learning and our lesson planner to assist you in comprehending how to construct a lesson using Minecraft.

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Essential question

How can I learn about Minecraft Education, be ready to use it to give my first lesson, and comprehend the effectiveness of game-based learning?

Method of Instruction

If you were a student in our class and we were the instructor, we would demonstrate a lesson for you. The educate, release, reflect paradigm of education will be used. We’ll start by teaching you the fundamentals of Minecraft, giving you free rein to construct, and then evaluating your progress and considering how this relates to your lesson plan for the classroom. You may also use this instructional technique when teaching Minecraft to your kids for the first time.

What is Minecraft Education?

Minecraft Education, A game-based learning platform, helps students develop their abilities, let their imagination run wild, and work together to solve problems.

Teachers in K -12 and higher education may teach a variety of disciplines using Minecraft Education, such as computer science, math, history, chemistry, reading, language arts, and writing. Lessons may be mapped in Minecraft onto curriculum-driven learning objectives.

“We owe it to our students to bring what they’re passionate about into the classroom.”

— Chris Aviles, Fairhaven Schools, New Jersey

Watch (1 minute 12 seconds)

Next step: You are now prepared to download Minecraft: Education and sign in to your account since you have tasted what it is like. As you go through your first lesson, you shouldn’t be concerned since we will learn more about why Minecraft is such an effective educational tool.

Download and sign in

It is recommended that Minecraft Education be downloaded onto the device that you are using to get the most out of this module. The operating systems and mobile devices are compatible with Minecraft Education: Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and 11, Macs, iPads, Chromebooks, and Mobile. Please refer to the Supported Platforms for Minecraft Education for further information on the many available platforms.

Download Minecraft Education

Select here to download

Ideally, This website should be able to identify the device you are using and automatically have the relevant file available for you to download.

Watch and do: Download (22 seconds)

A popup may ask you to finish the setup process, but this will depend on the device you are using. After that, you can check to see whether it appears in your application list. Now is the time for you to sign in and start learning how to play with us!

Sign in: Check eligibility.

When teaching using Minecraft, owning a license for Office 365 Education that includes Minecraft functionality is essential.

If your school has informed you that you have a Minecraft Education license, congratulations! If you want to sign in, you may skip this stage. If you are unsure whether or not you have a right, let’s verify your eligibility and discuss the many alternatives available to you.

Select to check for eligibility

When you visit the linked website, enter your school’s Office 365 email account to determine whether or not you have licenses. Please go to the bottom of this page to sign in if it shows that you do.

No license? Option 1: Purchase Minecraft

Be sure to verify with your company’s information technology department if you are not presently qualified for the program. You have several choices available to you to get a Minecraft license.

  • Your school can acquire bulk licensing, which is beneficial if it intends to provide licenses to all instructors.
  • For a little more than $5 per user per year, school administrators and instructors can buy unique subscriptions explicitly tailored to their classrooms and pupils.
  • Is it not at a school? It is possible to acquire an individual license for your kid or students enrolled in your camp or club for $12 per user per year if you are a homeschooler or manage a center, club, or other organization.

No license? Option 2: Trial Minecraft

Your account does not meet the requirements for a license, and you are not yet prepared to purchase one. It is not an issue; you can use a free Minecraft Teacher Academy curriculum trial. We need you to have an Office 365 or a Microsoft 365 account. If you have an Office 365 account, you will have 25 free log-ins when logged in as a teacher and ten free log-ins for students when you sign in.

This should be sufficient to finish the Minecraft Teacher Academy, but to teach with your students, you will want to investigate the license choices shown earlier. Have any more inquiries? You may get further information by visiting the help page or submitting a support request at your convenience.

Sign In

After you have completed the necessary steps to prepare your account, we will begin by logging into Minecraft Education.

There will be a menu of options in the middle of the screen after you have successfully logged in, but to the right of that, you will notice your name and a button that has a clothes hanger on it.

You can access a collection of skins by selecting the button that looks like a clothes hanger. Your look in the game is called a skin, an essential component of Minecraft Education. By applying a skin, consumers can feel more connected to their character.

A + sign will appear to the right of each pack category in the drop-down menu. Choosing that will extend that skin pack so you may select the one you like most. To return to the menu and investigate a different group, use the back arrow in the upper left corner of the screen. After choosing a skin you like, it is possible to return to the main menu by selecting Confirm and then the back arrow.

  • Why would it be vital to provide students the opportunity to modify their skin before they start creating in Minecraft Education?
  • The following is an example from the classroom that you should consider: A Minecraft environment based on the setting of the tale that the students are presently reading, such as The Martian by Andrew Weir, is to be created by the students during this activity. Which of the skins on the list would they like to choose to represent their character?

Choosing Settings and Audio from the menu on the left will allow you to adjust the music or audio level. You can alter the volume levels to suit your preferences or the requirements of your learning environment. Please don’t be concerned with all of the settings now; as we continue to play, we will gradually investigate more of them.

Watch and do: Sign in, choose skin, and select settings (1 minute 22 seconds)

While simultaneously exploring Minecraft, choose the play button on the video. After logging in, go to the skin library and select the one you want to connect with. Put the video on hold if you need further time.

Is Minecraft a game-based learning?

Participate in game-based learning throughout the curriculum to get pupils interested. The Minecraft Education platform is a game-based environment that encourages imaginative and holistic learning via play. Discover fresh ways to approach any topic or difficulty using the blocky words you discover.

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