Minecraft slime – how to farm and find slimes

How do you find and farm Minecraft slimes? This uncommon Minecraft mob may be a bit difficult to discover, but if you know how to farm it, you can farm hundreds of slimeballs. However, killing these green gelatinous cubes may be more difficult than you think it would be once you get up close to their adorable faces (geometry pun).

The slime is a Minecraft mob that comes in a number of sizes. Although they are technically hostile, when they are in their tiniest form, they turn docile and make the sweetest of Minecraft roommates.

Slime is one of the coolest mobs obtainable in Minecraft. As we will go into more detail below, the ideal area to discover them is underground. Therefore, you may stumble across this lime-green buddy when you are searching for Minecraft diamonds.

This will have the effect of making your mining expeditions even more productive. If you are still trying to figure out what to do with a Minecraft slime when you discover it, or if you are interested in learning how to farm slimes, continue reading for all the information you need to know.

How to get slimes in Minecraft

Slime in Minecraft may be discovered in its natural state located deep beneath, in particular clumps of slime. They may also be found in wetlands, but only after the sun has set.

It is not possible to discover slime chunks in and of themselves; instead, you may make use of a slime chunk finder that is available online. If, on the other hand, you want to go about it traditionally, you should dive below y-level 30 and make sure that your sound is turned up or that subtitles are active.

There is a characteristic squelching sound that slime makes as it bounces, which will allow you to identify whether one is close by.

If and when you discover a slime underground, it must have formed in a slime chunk. By pressing F3 and G (on the Java version), you may bring up the boundaries of your chunks and determine which one they are forming. If you want to construct a Slime farm similar to the one shown in the lesson below, you will need to know.

How to make a Minecraft slime farm

For the first stage, you will need to locate a lump of slime. However, you may be having trouble following our directions. In that case, we have included a helpful video below that will show you how to accomplish this, as well as a Minecraft slime farm design that is of the highest quality.

Using lighted-up layers, the Minecraft slime farm is able to capture Minecraft slimes as they spawn. Additionally, Iron Golems are placed at the perimeter of the farm in order to entice any slime that is up to 15 blocks away to fall into a magma floor, where it will remain until it ultimately explodes.

This will cause slimeballs to fall from the sky and fall into minecarts that are moving around below you. The slimeballs that you gather will be placed into chests by means of hoppers.

In order to prevent other hostile mobs, such as skeletons and creepers, from spawning with your slime, it makes cunning use of lighting. Additionally, it may be scaled in either direction, depending on the requirements you have for your slime.

Minecraft slime behavior

Slime from Minecraft may have a lovely appearance, but that does not mean it is completely risk-free. The slimes that are the biggest cause some harm when they strike you, but they may be assaulted to lessen their size as they break down into new slime cubes that are much smaller.

It is possible to get drops and experience orbs by killing even the smallest slime, which does not do any harm to you. However, the phrase “reward” does not seem appropriate when referring to murdering something so adorable and innocent.

These bouncing boxes are able to swim in water and even climb ladders and scaffolding in their search for players. They creepily continue their pursuit of you even when you are not in close proximity to them.

In point of fact, they seek adversaries at a distance of sixteen blocks, and if they do not discover any, they continue to spin and hunt for people to assault.

In the event that this does not occur, they will attack either snow or iron golems; this is an important fact to keep in mind when it comes to constructing your slime farm in Minecraft.

Slime drops and uses

If the Looting enchantment is used to destroy these persistent small blocks, they will release a maximum of five slimeballs, but if it is not used, they will drop up to two slimeballs.

Due to the fact that these slimeballs are really rather helpful, there are a lot of reasons to construct a slime agricultural facility.


In order to use a lead in Minecraft, you will need:

  • Four string
  • One slimeball

Probably the slimeball recipe that we use the most, leads may be linked to mobs in order to guide them about securely. This makes them an excellent choice for the creation of mob farms and for situations in which you are looking for a horse but have yet to locate a saddle.

More significantly, it is the most effective method for capturing a rare skeleton horse in the event that you ever come across one, which is why it is always a good idea to have an extra lead with you.

Magma Cream

In order to create Magma cream in Minecraft, the following items are required:

  • One Blaze Powder
  • One slimeball

The most common usage for magma cream is as a component in potions in Minecraft. This is because it is necessary to create Fire Resistance, which is considered to be one of the greatest potions in the game.

It is also necessary to have the lava Slime drop in order to create lava blocks, which are excellent ornamental light blocks that may be hazardous to interact with.

Slime Block

Nine slimeballs may be used to create a slime block in Minecraft. In addition to being an intriguing construction block, the slime block is most beneficial to Redstoners.

Redstoners can utilize the item in a variety of different ways, including but not limited to the creation of flying aircraft and mechanized farms.

Sticky Piston

To create a Sticky Piston in Minecraft, combine the following:

  • One piston
  • One slimeball

Continuing with the topic of Redstone, the last crafting recipe that involves the slimeball is for sticky pistons. These pistons function in the same way as pistons, but they are able to grip onto anything that they contact, which means that they can move creatures around.

Building a slime farm in Minecraft and gaining control of these unfriendly blocks may be accomplished in this manner. In the event that you are searching for a swamp biome in which to establish a camp, you should make sure to check out these Minecraft seeds, in addition to additional suggestions for Minecraft farms in which to acquire resources.

How do you force slimes to spawn?

Try to force the slimes to spawn.
You are able to expand the number of surfaces on which slimes may spawn by constructing several platforms that are separated from one another by a minimum of three blocks of vertical space. Make sure that all of the platforms are within the range of fifty to seventy layers if you want to proceed in this manner!

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