How to get Minecraft honeycomb, honey bottles, and blocks

How to get Minecraft honeycomb, honey bottles, and blocks: Want to know how to get Minecraft honeycomb and honey bottles? You may have previously attempted it and been caught off guard. Honey gathering from protecting bees in Minecraft is a delicate business, but don’t worry about it; we’ve all been there.

There are a lot of reasons to become a beekeeper with your very own Minecraft apiary since the delicious, sugary substance and its magnificent manufacturers were introduced to Minecraft in 2019.

Further applications for their inventions have been added since then, so there are lots of reasons to become a beekeeper. Both honeycomb and honey bottles may be gathered from bee colonies or nests.

Both of these items are used in the process of creating recipes, such as honey blocks and candles for Minecraft. Honey may also be used as a decorative block in Minecraft; thus, regardless of whether you are a builder or a survivalist first, you might be interested in learning how to collect honeycomb in Minecraft and manufacture these goods without disturbing any Minecraft bees.

How to get Minecraft honeycomb

You may get honeycomb in Minecraft by using a pair of shears on a beehive or a bee nest containing honeycomb. Do not grab the honeycomb since doing so will enrage all of the bees that are contained inside it. This honeycomb may be used to make beehives, candles, and waxed copper, among other things.

How to harvest honey in Minecraft

It is possible to collect honeycomb and honey bottles from a bee hive or nest that is full of honey; however, the kind of honeycomb you receive is determined by the instrument that you use, which might be a shear or a glass bottle.

In a manner similar to that of a cauldron, a bee nest may reach a maximum of five layers of occupancy. Honey cannot be harvested until the nest or hive is filled, which means that five bees must enter and depart the hive in order for the honey to be harvested.

As you can see on the right-hand side of the picture above, you will know that the honey is ready to be collected when you see the liquid leaking out of the hive.

When collecting honey, whether it be in a honey bottle or on a honeycomb, it is important to keep in mind that bees will get enraged if you take advantage of their laborious efforts. If you do not take the time to calm them down, they will become angry.

Because of this, you need to position a campfire underneath a beehive or nest before attempting to shatter it or harvest it for materials.

It is recommended that the campfire be positioned on the ground with one or two air blocks placed between it and the hive. After that, a carpet should be placed over the bonfire (moss carpet mixes in nicely with grass) to prevent the bees from doing any harm to themselves.

Minecraft honeycomb

When a bee nest is at honey level five, using shears on it results in the production of three honeycombs. This is contingent upon the presence of a campfire underneath the hive.

It is possible to get honeycomb for an automated farm by using a motorized dispenser that contains shears. This method is not only effective but also does not aggravate the bees.

Honeycomb is a component that is used in a wide range of crafting processes. Additionally, it is necessary for the process of waxing Minecraft copper blocks, which serves to prevent the mineral from oxidizing.

Honeycomb crafting recipes


Creating a candle may be accomplished by combining a piece of honeycomb with a thread. After the candle has been manufactured, you may alter its color by adding a dye to it; however, this step must be completed after the candle has been manufactured.


For the purpose of constructing a beehive, position three honeycombs in the middle row of a crafting grid that is 3×3. Fill the other spaces with whatever wooden planks that you have available. Although it functions in the same manner as a bee nest, a beehive is primarily a man-made substitute for a bee nest.

Honeycomb block

When four honeycombs are arranged in a 2×2 configuration inside a crafting grid, the result is a Honeycomb block. This block is mostly used as a decorative item due to its attractive appearance. Having trouble deciding what material to use for the floor of your Minecraft house? Could you try a honeycomb block instead?

Minecraft honey bottle

An empty glass bottle may be used to create a honey bottle by placing it on top of a bee nest or hive that is already full of honey. You can utilize the honey bottle as a food item to restore six hunger or to erase the poison status effect without removing any other status effects that you may have applied.

Similar to honeycomb, a dispenser that contains glass bottles may be used to make honey bottles without causing the inhabitants of the beehive to get agitated.

Honey crafting recipes


A simple act of placing one honey bottle in your crafting inventory will result in the acquisition of three sugar, which may then be used in the production of more food items. The cultivation of sugar cane, on the other hand, is a lot less difficult than the cultivation of honey bottles, and it is the superior approach for producing edible powder.

Honey block

Putting together four honey bottles in a crafting interface is the only way to create a honey block, which also happens to be a very useful item, as we will discuss further in this article.

Minecraft honey blocks

According to what was said before, honey blocks in Minecraft may be made by utilizing four honey bottles, and they can be used in a variety of different ways.

  • Reduce fall damage: Honey bricks considerably minimize the amount of damage caused by falls (80%).
  • Reduces speed: When you sprint over honey bricks, your speed will decrease significantly. Not only does this apply to you, but it also applies to anything that is only slightly touching the side of a honey brick wall.
  • Sticks to other blocks: It is possible to adhere honey bricks to any other block, even slime.
  • Reduces jump height: Your ability to grace the air will not be affected; however, you will not be able to leap up a regular block. You will still be able to grace the air. Utilize this to its full potential by setting some traps.
  • Transportation: Indeed, you are correct; honey bricks may be used to construct a conveyor belt that is also functional. When a piston is used to press a honey block, you will remain firmly attached to the block. Additionally, this is true for mobs. Engineers working in Redstone have the ability even to employ honey bricks to create flying machines.
  • Guiding mobs: Other Minecraft mobs, such as animals, monster mobs, and Minecraft village residents, do not like stepping on honey bricks, and as a result, they will try to avoid them whenever they can.
  • Decorative block: On the other hand, just like every other block in Minecraft, honey bricks may be used for nothing more than decoration! If you want to use it in your amazing Minecraft constructions, however, you need to take into consideration the qualities listed above.

Everything that we know about honeycomb and other honey byproducts in Minecraft is included in one sentence. To find the best seeds for bee biomes, make sure you’re familiar with the best Minecraft seeds.

If you’re a big bee fan, then there are plenty of Minecraft mods, texture packs, and adventure maps involving the cute insects – you can even turn every Minecraft bee into Barry B Benson if that’s something you’d want to do.

How do you make honeycomb honey blocks?

Can you turn honey blocks into honey bottles?

The use of honey blocks in the production of honey bottles is now possible. It is no longer the case that the subtitles for the sliding sound event for honey bricks are the same as those for footsteps.

How to make bottles in Minecraft?

To manufacture a water bottle, place three blocks of glass in a crafting grid to create a glass bottle, and then right-click on some water or a cauldron to fill it up. This is a simple method for making a vessel.

How do you get honey easy in Minecraft?

In order to collect honey, all you need to do is combine an empty bottle with a loaded bee nest or bee hive. Before honey can be harvested, the bees must have laid down five different batches of pollen.

How do you get honey blocks in Minecraft?

In addition to honeycomb blocks, beehives, and honeycomb blocks, honey blocks were included in the game in version 1.15, which was known as the Buzzy Bees update, around the end of the previous year. Honey blocks were unveiled during Minecon Live 2019. You will need to fill four honey bottles with honey from a beehive or bee nest in order to make them. The process of making them is simple. Watch carefully for bees that are enraged!

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