Minecraft penguin mob vote guide

What is the Minecraft penguin? If this is your first time watching Minecraft Live, let’s briefly introduce The Mob Vote, one of the most exciting parts of the yearly Livestream. During the mob vote, you can vote for one of three new mob designs that will be developed for the game.

Due to player voting, the menacing Minecraft Phantom, the lighting Minecraft glow squid, and the beautiful Minecraft allay are some of the mobs previously introduced to the game. Because there is a peculiar pattern of blue mobs winning the vote for Minecraft mobs, it is possible that the penguin is bound to fail, and the blue and pink Minecraft crab is already our winner.

That being said, the inclusion of a penguin in the game has been a long-standing desire, and if you do not want that to occur, the following information will provide you with the information you need to know about what the Minecraft penguin brings to the table and how to vote for it.

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Minecraft penguin details


The Rockhopper penguin, which has gorgeous yellow ‘eyebrows,’ is the inspiration for the adorable penguins that appeared in Minecraft and their younger offspring. We have learned this from the film that showed that there are also newborn penguins, but the manner in which they are born (or, more accurately, hatch) has not yet been disclosed.


The Minecraft penguin, known for its warm and welcoming nature, would reside on the Stony Shore biome and would eagerly come to greet anybody passing by. They are only a little bit clumsier than they are while they are in the water, but they can survive if they find their way on land. They function in a manner comparable to that of dolphins.

New mechanics

The only thing we have been informed so far is that the Minecraft penguin can make your boat go across the water more quickly, similar to how the dolphin can increase your swimming speed with its Dolphin’s Grace status effect.

How to vote for the penguin

The mob vote for Minecraft Live begins earlier than it ever has before this year, starting forty-eight hours before the broadcast of Minecraft Live takes place. If you want to vote for the penguin, read our comprehensive guide on voting in the Minecraft Live mob vote. This guide will provide you with the specific days and hours and a list of all the locations where you may cast your vote.

Our anticipation for the 2023 Minecraft Live mob vote is as high as ever, but we are having difficulty deciding which candidate to support… You may have already agreed on the Minecraft penguin, but if you are anything like us, you require as much assistance as possible.

Therefore, you must become familiar with all the mobs currently available in the game. This includes the most recent additions, such as the Minecraft Sniffer, which was the winner of the previous year, and the Minecraft camel, which brought a mob to the desert biome that was desperately needed.

What does the penguin do in the mob vote?

Along the same lines as its counterpart in the real world, the penguin is a social mob that swims over water! This indicates that it is content on land and in the water, even though it may be awkward while making its way about. On the other hand, the penguin is a highly effective swimmer, and it has a unique ability: it can make your boat sail more quickly.

Will Minecraft ever add penguins?

15th of October, 2023: All of the votes have been counted, and unfortunately, the Penguin will not be making its way into Minecraft just yet. On the other hand, we can never be sure what the future holds for this incredible swimmer.

How to get penguins in Minecraft?

Antarctic penguins are known to spawn in icy regions devoid of plants, often on tundra or glaciers. In addition to being passive mobs, they have eight health points. They may be tamed using three to six fish, and once they are domesticated, they will progressively follow the player.
It will dive into the water and, with a probability of twenty-five per cent, capture a fish that ranges from one to four for the player if it enters the water.

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