Minecraft Legends mobs – all heroes, hosts, and Piglins

What are the new and returning Minecraft Legends mobs? In Minecraft Legends, you won’t need to look any further since we have compiled a list of every animal, beast, and monster you will likely come across.

There are a lot of characters that are known to anyone who has played the original Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. These characters include the Piglins, who invade the Overworld, and the Creepers, with whom you establish an alliance (hey, wait, there’s more!).

Considering that the tale of Minecraft Legends is just that: a legend, it is impossible to determine how much of it is accurate and how much has been changed throughout its existence. To provide just one example, many find it difficult to accept that humanity coexisted peacefully with the skeletons and zombies inhabiting the Overworld.

On the other hand, I want to believe that it is accurate. It may be hard to believe, but as you experience the narrative, you will realise that cooperating with these gangs will be essential to preserving the globe. The following is a list of all of the mobs, whether hostile or not, that you could encounter while playing the strategy game Minecraft Legends.

All Minecraft Legends mobs list

All the Minecraft Legends mobs we know so far:

  • Golems
  • Cobblestone Golem
  • Plank Golem
  • Grindstone Golem
  • Mossy Golem


  • Creeper
  • Golems
  • Skeleton
  • Zombie


  • First of Stone
  • First of Oak
  • First of Brick
  • First of Diorite


  • Brilliant Beetle
  • Horse
  • Big Beak
  • Regal Tiger


  • Allay
  • Badger
  • Fox
  • Pig
  • Llama
  • Rabbit
  • Turtle
  • Wolf

Enemy Piglins

  • Mace Runt
  • Blaze Runt
  • Piglin Builder
  • Spore Medic
  • Seeker
  • Warboar
  • Lava Launcher
  • Pigmadillo
  • Brute
  • Sporeback
  • Portal Guard

Minecraft Legends Golems

The golems in Minecraft are brand-new creatures to the Minecraft universe, but given that Minecraft Legends takes place in the past, they may have become extinct. Whatever the case, to spawn, each one needs a certain sort of Minecraft block and either one or two laps, and each one has a different set of attacks that may be used in combat. Additionally, there are the Firsts, which are enormous golems that may be unlocked by acquiring Gold and installing the Wake the Firsts enhancement.

Cobblestone Golem

The Cobblestone Golem is a slow and little creature, but it delivers a powerful blow. Even though they have a charming appearance and, like all the golems, are content with living in peace in the Overworld, they have been pushed into conflict, showing them that there is more to them than they were aware of.

It is their speciality to launch melee assaults and to destroy structures belonging to the opponent. For them to spawn, you will need a Stone and a Lapis.

Grindstone Golem

Grindstone golems also pack a strong punch, but their move puts space between themselves (or you) and the adversary by knocking them back. Cobblestone golems, on the other hand, can strike hard with their melee defence, which keeps adversaries near for an assault.

This is especially helpful when you and your army are being overpowered or attempting to defend the golems and friends that are less powerful from an assault. For them to spawn, you will need an Iron and a Lapis.

Mossy Golem

In addition to possessing a unique healing ability, the Mossy Golem is your army’s support unit. As a result of the fact that these adorable tiny cubes spray water in a round pattern, healing everybody within their radius, they are especially beneficial when used with the Grindstone Golem, which may keep foes away while you mend up. To build one, you will need an iron and a lapis.

Plank Golem

As a ranged attacker, the plank golem functions as a turret, allowing it to fire darts at potential adversaries swiftly. Because of their status as a wooden golem, they do not possess significant defence. Thus, you must depend on their missiles to keep foes away. For them to spawn, all that is required is a Lapis and a Wood.

Minecraft Legends Zombies

There are three hostile Minecraft mobs in Minecraft Legends, and the zombie is one of them. In the distant past, the zombies even seemed to be nice. At the period when your narrative takes place, the Overworld is a paradise, and it is not surprising that all of the Overworld mobs live peacefully with one another.

The creators and designers of Blackbird Interactive have been cautious to remain authentic to the Minecraft narrative despite this unexpected twist being introduced into the Minecraft lore as we experience it. Are you aware of how zombies catch fire and perish during the day?

And are you aware of the way that wearing a helmet inhibits that? Put another way, it is the ingenious reason for those farmer hats that you can see every zombie sporting in Minecraft Legends.

You can unlock zombies by going to their camp in their Minecraft Legends biome and fulfilling the quest to drive the Piglins away from their settlement. To create them from spawners, you will need two Redstones and two Lapis. They are melee experts, and their blows are substantially more powerful than those of the Cobblestone Golems.

Minecraft Legends Skeletons

Indeed, the superb attention to detail shown in the zombie mythos is also there in the skeletons since their helms function like the hats that the zombies wear, which keeps them from being burned to death inside during the day.

As you may anticipate, skeletons are your ranged friends who attack harder than the Plank Golem. As a result, constructing an army of bony combatants will assist you in defending the Overworld from a greater distance.

It is possible to create a single Skeleton archer with only two Diamonds and two Lapis after you have a spawner inside your possession.

Minecraft Legends Creepers

Creepers are a dangerous mob that you should avoid at all costs, yet they are also Minecraft’s charming, green face. You surely already know this, regardless of whether you are a die-hard Minecraft fan or a relative newcomer to the game. When you play Minecraft Legends, Creepers, zombies, and skeletons become your allies.

This is a significant departure from the previous game. The fact that Creepers tend to explode near you is one of the reasons why they are so terrifying in the Minecraft world of today.

Although Creepers continue to explode in Minecraft Legends, the fact that they do so now works to your advantage since you may utilise your army of Creepers to destroy adversaries and buildings around you.

The ability to blast apart barriers to penetrate the opposing stronghold is one of their most useful abilities. Getting two Coal and two Lapis from any Creeper spawner is necessary to acquire one for your team.

Minecraft Legends Piglins

In Minecraft Legends, the Piglins are the adversaries that have made their way out of the Nether in an attempt to appropriate the Overworld for themselves.

Piglins are monsters that fans of vanilla Minecraft are acquainted with; however, Minecraft Legends are somewhat different from what they are in vanilla Minecraft, and you will only have a few versions to choose from before playing.

What follows is a list of all of the various Piglin mobs:

  1. Mace Runt – Melee attackers are available to all Hordes on the battlefield. Even though they are the least powerful of the group, they pack a powerful punch.
  2. Blaze Runt – They are ranged attackers that are available to all Hordes on the battlefield. They wield Blaze rods in the manner of spears.
  3. Piglin Builder – These Piglins can construct structures made with Piglins.
  4. Spore Medic – A healing unit uses nether spores to restore the health of Piglin’s friends.
  5. Seeker – The Piglins in question are armed with explosive mushrooms that, when detonated, do significant harm to anyone within their range, including the Piglins themselves.
  6. Warboar –A hog that can surge through everything that stands in its way and ruthlessly slash its enemies with its tusks.
  7. Lava Launcher – One of the Warboars has a cannon attached to its back. Your constructions will be destroyed by its ranged assaults, which are its speciality.
  8. Pigmadillo – The Horde of the Hunt’s most accomplished and elite troop. They can effortlessly bowl through adversaries and buildings as they roll about like armoured wrecking balls because of their mobility.
  9. Brute –The Horde of the Bastion’s most elite force among the Horde. The swift whirlwind strike that it has is capable of destroying your comrades nearby.
  10. Sporeback –The Horde of the Spore’s most elite troop in its entirety. They do this by throwing mushroom grenades at their foes, which causes them to fall to the ground and renders them defenceless against other opponents.
  11. Portal Guard – All units have access to these enormous versions of the Brutes, which are very robust and may be used by any unit. They can deliver powerful blows at close range but do not have many alternatives when attacking adversaries at a greater distance.

Minecraft Legends Hosts

Foresight, Action, and Knowledge are the three hosts of Minecraft Legends. These hosts are based on three characteristics that Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive feel Minecraft players should possess.

They are there to accompany you during your challenge to prevent the Piglins from gaining control of the game. Playing with them is impossible, and they will remain in the Well of Fate.

You should now be acquainted with all of the mobs in Minecraft Legends that will assist you on your road to becoming a legendary player in the real-time strategy game. With any luck, you and your friends will form a coalition to send the Piglins back to the Nether.

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Are creepers friendly in Minecraft Legends?

It is a sensation that is both welcoming and odd. In Minecraft Legends, an allied unit known as a creeper is available.

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