Best Minecraft cities

What are the best Minecraft cities? Minecraft is one of the most significant construction games available, and the ingenuity of its community is unbounded. The game is complete with creations that are so impressive that they leave one speechless. An increasing number of Minecraft towns have begun appearing, and they are open for everyone to download and explore.

In one of the most impressive personal computer games, creators have turned their favorite television episodes, video games, and movies to life via their extraordinary inventions. A Minecraft map of Hogwarts, a map of The Titanic, and even a reconstruction of Middle-earth from Lord of the Rings have all been created using the game.

It should come as no surprise that some of the most famous towns in Minecraft are modeled after well-known places, such as Gotham and King’s Landing. These cities are now accessible in the crafting game alongside others modeled after thriving real-world sites, such as Sydney and Seattle.

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The following is a list of some of the most beautiful cities in Minecraft that you may download and explore:

  • Abandoned Minecraft city
  • Mattupolis
  • Greenfield
  • King’s Landing
  • Novigrad
  • Sayama City

Abandoned city

This stunning abandoned city, posted on Reddit by Viator, may have been constructed primarily out of gray blocks. Still, it nonetheless exudes color, vibrancy, and – surprise – life due to the rich green vegetation covering its decrepit structures. It is challenging to convey the total amount of what awaits you in a picture, so I recommend you look at the movie on Reddit.

It depicts the inside of a deserted shopping center, with broken walls and solitary streetlights illuminated by the bright light of the day and the dim light of a wet night. Being the sole person wandering around an abandoned, overgrown city in the rain is a beautiful experience. There is something rather romantic about it.

This area can be explored, but it may give you the idea to create your post-apocalyptic metropolis in Minecraft, similar to The Last of Us.


Metropolis is a constantly expanding city, with skyscrapers and finely constructed streets buzzing with activity. As a result of his ambition to establish a connection between metropolitan areas and natural beauty, creator Matias takes inspiration from the cities of Seattle and Vancouver.

An oasis of high-rise structures, neighborhoods with various atmospheres, and even sights you may marvel at, such as the Seattle Space Needle, can be found in the Metropolitan Area of Seattle.


The Jestr’s Greenfield is not only one of the biggest cities in Minecraft, but it is also the most extensive of all the cities. It is possible to spend a considerable amount of time roaming around the various districts, ranging from the financial sector to the city harbor filled with containers.

Greenfield is a metropolis with many remarkable details, like crowded residential dwellings, a skyline of cranes, and a complex network of railroads.

King’s Landing

The King’s Landing map, which WesterosCraft created, is a recreation of the city home to the Iron Throne. This map is perfect if you still need to get Game of Thrones or want to experience epic fantasy.

The Great Sept of Baelor and The Red Keep are only two of the many famous monuments that are included in this collection. As a result, you can explore the streets of King’s Landing without experiencing any of the harm or carnage that the franchise is famous for.


It is possible that this Novigrad-inspired town created by ElysiumFire is not as sleek as the urban sprawl that is seen in other Minecraft cities on our list. Despite this, it is a magnificent sight in blocky vision, thanks to its spectacular architecture, narrow lanes, and houses with red roofs that date back to its medieval era. Although Novigrad is not an exact duplicate of The Witcher 3, it does capture the vivacity and medieval atmosphere of this expanded fishing community, replete with a cathedral and a harbor. Novigrad is a tribute to The Witcher 3.

Sayama City

The creation of this contemporary Japanese city has been going on for years, and owing to the insane attention to detail that it features, it has become the Minecraft city that has received the most attention. When SayamaCityProject initially published photographs of Sayama City, we were astonished by its realism and how well it reflects the look of Japanese cities, which were influenced by places like Tokyo and Osaka. SayamaCityProject was the company that created the images.

While we continue to investigate Minecraft towns, we will keep you updated with the most significant currently available cities. You may also check out some of the most significant maps in Minecraft, as well as other outstanding Minecraft constructions, if you are seeking some peace away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

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